The dental center “D-r Sahso Stoev” has the honor to celebrate the 10 years jubilee from its existence together with the highly appreciated Canadian artist fro Macedonian origin M-r Michael Close.

From our professional contacts with M-r Close as our patient we developed a true friendship. Through the many meetings and each of us speaking about his own profession with great love we came to the conclusion that art is one of the chains in our friendship, he as a top artist in painting, and we as dentistry artists. Sharing the same experience that the smile is art an idea was born that M-r Close becomes cover face of our office under the slogan “Smile is an art too!”

We are honored and pleased that the ambient in our office is enriched with his works of art which makes the space so beautiful. He gave us paintings as presents, paintings which he painted especially for us, and with that he enriched the originality of our story.

Michael Close is highly appreciated Canadian artist . After he graduated on the Ontario College of Art, one of the oldest and most appreciated painting educational institutions in Canada, he continued his education on , Guelph I Ryerson Politecnical Institut for Design. Painting is his main preoccupation, but he also works as a designer and screenwriter for movies.

Till now he has had more than 125 individual exhibitions in many countries in the world ( Macedonia, Belgium, France, USA, Germany, Poland, Solomons Islands, Australia, Sweden, Vietnam, Turkey, Egypt, and others), With that the family Close continues its mission through painting to connect countries and people from all over the world , no matter their faith, religion, or skin colour. His life supporter is his wife Menka Close – art historian and organizer of international projects and she also originates from Ohrid and also their daughters Aleksandra and Melanie.

Michael Close about the cooperation with the dental center “D-r Sasho Stoev”

Art and dentistry have a common goal, to make people happy. We could see that during one of our visits in Macedonia, especially Ohrid where we were lucky to visit dental center “D-r Sasho Stoev” . The first impressions were amazing – wonderful modern ambient with pleasant colors, and we were most impressed by the relationship with D-r Sasho Stoev who was warm, filled with humor, and openhearted ,and the dentistry services for which we went there with the family were done with the greatest professionalism. The common love for art which can be seen on the walls of the dental offices in the dental center is reflected in the ambient of the facility. The universal values of Sasho complemented with his professionalism in the work were a plus impulse to make the wish for a stronger friendship and to distinguish it in the field of international collaboration. So ,like that ,on a common pleasure I became the face of the dental center “D-r Sahso Stoev” and the ambient in the office is beautified with works of art recognizable for Michael Close as an artist.